A downloadable game for Windows

Small fast boy berry allen loves strawberries and goes to ANY lenghts to get them.

This was made by three people, in a week and a half for a school project. 

Hope you like it and feel free to give feedback! :> ~Lukas


WASD / Arrow keys - Move

Space - Jump

Shift - Run (when you have strawberries)


Vitória Wozon - Programming;

Lukas Paiva - Programming/3d modeling;

Pablo Lacerda - 3d modeling.

(EDIT: i forgot to zip the correct files together.)

(Theres a few nooks and cranies. The load and save are broken, if you try to load you just loose your items, working on that, the game is about 5 to 10 minutes or shorter if you FAST through it.)

Install instructions

Unzip the .rar file then run the .exe, it's an unity game.


Berry Allen Goes to the Beach.rar 40 MB